4 Hot Ways to Wear Yoga Leggings to Brunch

When you think of brunch, you probably imagine a relatively chic affair with delicate finger foods alongside hearty meats. This is a wonderful social gathering filled with all of your favorite foods, but you may struggle to decide how to dress for the occasion. Brunch is still in the early morning, so you may want to be equal parts comfortable and cute.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to the brunch outfit dilemma. A quality pair of black yoga leggings can pay huge dividends when it comes to your overall style. When you’re heading to brunch, grab your pair of black yoga leggings to start putting together the perfect outfit using these style tips.

Look for Floral Designs

Delicate floral patterns are a great match for a casual brunch on Sunday morning. They always look elegant and dainty, a sure way to elevate your outfit for a fancier event. You may look for silk tops that flow with tiny forget-me-nots dotting the fabric. Some individuals may prefer the bolder look of bigger flowers on a cotton tunic. There are plenty of options for using floral prints to dress up with your yoga leggings.

Wear a Duster Cardigan

A cardigan is always a classy piece of clothing. It makes sense to wear this super comfortable and casual piece to a brunch. However, you can stand out from the traditional garb with a cardigan that reaches down to your knees. Duster cardigans in luxuriously soft fabrics and delicate shades can make your outfit feel more polished. Pair them with dainty camisoles underneath for a well-balanced look.

Find a Great Pair of Wedges

If you know that you need to dress up for a particular brunch, a pair of strappy wedges can fit the bill. They give you a little more height, which can make legs appear long and lean. Any type of shoe with a heel is a dressier alternative to flats or flip-flops. Canvas straps with natural cork bases are a classic option that ensures your shoes will stand out. A pair of heeled booties are also a great option for the fall and winter seasons.

Pair Them With a Pattern

Solid black yoga leggings are typically the standard for a brunch occasion. However, that doesn’t mean that your entire outfit has to be humdrum and boring. You may want to consider adding some fun pattern to other areas of your outfit such as your shoes or top. Boat stripes in classic shades of navy blue and white can be a classy option. You may even want to experiment with adding a little metallic shine to your top with rhinestones or sequins.

Brunch can be an extremely classy affair that you look forward to all week. You may crave the syrupy goodness of French toast or the mouth-watering mountains of bacon. No matter what you look forward to, you can head to brunch in style and comfort with these four hot ways to wear yoga leggings.