How to Find a Yoga Community Where You Live

As the practice of yoga continues to grow each day and new people are introduced and begin to fall in love with the connection and awareness of breath and movement, more potential for connection and community grows. However, often people don’t know how to access the yoga community when they begin taking classes or aren’t sure if they have to be a yoga teacher or a long-time student in order to be a part of the yoga community. 

From my experience, the yoga community is one of the most accepting and welcoming communities you can belong to, and there are communities in each city spread across the world if you know how to find them. There may even be multiple groups of the yoga community in your city right now that you can begin to become a part of! Quite often there are people just like you looking to find a deeper connection with other members of their local area that are also interested in yoga and/or spirituality and looking to expand their knowledge or just have someone to attend classes with and keep them accountable to the practice. 

One of the best ways to find yoga community in your area is to ask your favorite teacher or studio owner if they attend any events outside of the studio or if there are any groups of people who are either practicing outside of a studio setting or getting together to share meals or gatherings to discuss and explore yoga and spirituality. The studio may even have gatherings once a month for full moon or woman’s circles that they put on at different times of the year. Don’t be afraid to ask around about any upcoming events or gatherings that may be occurring but not advertised. 

Another great place to find out about community and events in your area or surrounding cities is by looking at community boards, whether they be in person at a park, health food store or local co-op, or online on Facebook or other internet sites. Quite often parks and smaller locally owned shops have cork boards in the front or the back of the store where people can post flyers or information and more often than not there will be a posting about an event related to yoga, meditation, or spirituality. If there is not something like this present in your community, it may even be your calling to create something like that. Additionally searching Facebook groups for local yogis or like-minded people may be your connection to the community. Some of these groups may require you to be added in but it is easy to privately message the group creator even if you don’t have any mutual friends or previous connections to anyone in the Facebook group.

Meetup is another great website where people can post events and gatherings and search out people to join them. These events might be yoga classes, hikes, meditation, movie outings, or dinners. It is free to join Meetup if you just want to join a current event or group, or you can pay a small fee to put up your own Meetups and find people to connect with that way. The site is a great resource for those seeking to find new friends or people to connect with the yoga community. There is a community out there for each of us to find, and the yoga community is especially warm and welcoming and eager to connect with people just like you!