The Best Yoga App

Even though yoga is an ancient practice, many people across the world have come to embrace it making it very popular in modern times. Yoga is an exercise that incorporates physical poses combined with meditation and breathing techniques to bring about mental well-being and physical fitness. 

There are many different yoga styles that people perform including Hatha which focuses on mindfulness and breathing, power yoga that combines yoga asanas with breathing techniques and a lot of other styles. Regular practice of yoga has many benefits to our bodies making it flexible, toning the muscles, calming the nervous system, and reducing the levels of stress. If you have never engaged yourself in yoga until now, it is worth trying it.

Over the years, yoga has upgraded and now you can easily access yoga apps online. A yoga app guides you on how to perform yoga in a place where you are comfortable without having to attend a yoga class. The apps also provide you with expertise on how to practice yoga, especially if you are a beginner. There are so many launched yoga apps, which most people do not know about. 

While you get dressed comfortably in your yoga leggings, here are some yoga apps you should know about to guide you in your practice:

Pocket Yoga App

This app is available for iOS, and Android. The Pocket app is a good instructor of yoga everywhere you go. The app has visual and vocal instructions, guiding you in every pose. As you perform yoga, the well-illustrated images in the app guide you on how to perform your poses with correct alignment and postures. The app has default music but you can play your own music from your device. As you finish your yoga practice the app shows you the number of calories you have burned enabling you to follow your progress.

Yoga studio

You can make your living room your studio with the help of yoga studio app. This app contains over 70 programs, which vary in purpose, length, and intensity. Yoga studio app also contains a library with 280 poses. It also allows you to stream videos on your device and has a voice instructions command that enables you to move to the next pose. As you perform your poses, you can listen to your favorite music.

Global Yoga Academy

Global Yoga Academy app contains up to 200 yoga poses with classes, which range from 5 to 60 minutes. It also has levels from beginners to most senior yogis. The app creates an interconnection between yogis around the world through a platform where people can chat and communicate with one another. The Global Yoga Academy app also allows you to download classes for future practice.

Universal Breathing (pranayama)

Universal Breathing app contains animations that are intended to guide you as you practice pranayama. This app focuses on how to do deeper breaths, slower breaths, how to reduce stress, how to reduce migraines, and how to increase your energy. It also contains music to guide you through the process of practicing yoga.

5-minute yoga

This app is intended to give guidance for beginners who aim at achieving a fast, purposeful, and efficient workout. 5-minute yoga also contains images, which demonstrate how certain postures are performed. A timer will ensure you complete your exercises within five minutes.

 FitStar yoga

This app is free to download. With FitStar yoga app, you will get a coaching experience at your convenience. It contains new workouts every month, which you can customize to achieve your goals. As you continue to progress in your practice, you get to unlock new yoga postures.

Daily Yoga

The Daily yoga app has a program for beginners all the way to the most advanced yogis. As it can easily be noticed in its name itself, its goal is to help people make yoga a daily routine. Each month a new workout is added to the app. This app also features a global community where you can share, be motivated, and get support on a weekly basis. Moreover, you can easily monitor your progress.

Simply yoga

Simply yoga has levels where you get to interact with experts. These experts have videos illustrating various yoga poses. The app has a routine that lasts for 20 minutes as you move to the next. There is an audio, which guides you through the entire routine.

In conclusion, even though there are many various yoga apps, you just need to choose the most appropriate ones for your lifestyle and level of experience. All you need to do is to download them to your device